Designing Modules: Part One

Early career researchers are frequently asked at interviews how we would teach our research if given the opportunity…In this first post I will focus on some important issues that you should bear in mind when you first start thinking about how to turn your research into a module. … More Designing Modules: Part One


New (Academic) Year’s Resolution: Just Read.

My academic year (or, as it currently stands, semester) officially began on Monday when I gave my first lecture on Refugees and International Relations to my new crop of third year undergraduates. Also this week I finally finished a draft of an article – on refugee protest, responsibility and human rights – that I’ve been … More New (Academic) Year’s Resolution: Just Read.

Living in Limbo – remember what you have

I bit the bullet this past week and finally – finally – organised and de-cluttered my laptop. Renaming hundreds of poorly-named Word documents, and deleting multiple copies of the same journal articles dowloaded through the course of my PhD, was actually quite a cathartic exercise, and I feel a little better prepared for the start … More Living in Limbo – remember what you have